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TONLY 2023 Mid-year sales meeting

Proactive adjustments & Reasonable layout

From June 13th to 14th, 2023, the “2023 Mid-Year Tonly Heavy Industry Marketing Conference” with the theme of “Actively Adjusting the Reasonable Layout” was grandly held in the new base of Tonly Heavy Industry. Leaders and sales representatives of Tongli shares, subsidiaries and subsidiaries gathered at Xipo Base of Xi’an Tonly Heavy Industry to comprehensively analyze and summarize various tasks in the first half of 2023, deploy and plan marketing strategies for the second half of the year and even in the future. The meeting was held at Tonly¬† Heavy Industry Xipo Base to show dealer partners the new look, new image and new strength of Tonly Heavy Industry.

Xu Yanan, CEO of Tonly Heavy Industry, made a keynote speech on “Active Adjustment and Reasonable Layout”, summed up experience, analyzed the current situation, and faced the future, and clarified the strategic deployment of “Three Major Adjustments and Five Layouts”, building consensus for the development of the enterprise, and specifying the path of struggle. Mr. Xu emphasized that Tonly Heavy Industry dares to do what others cannot, and insists on pioneering until today. In the face of the current overall market changes, we must always maintain the ability to start from the core, accurately grasp all opportunities, and challenge more possibilities. Professional ability will win more opportunities and initiative in the future.